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Axis The Information Technology Professionals (AxisITP)

Axis The Information Technology Professionals is an IT Services Consulting Firm, actively participating in Software Development for a wide range of industrial, commercial and Government-owned organizations. AxisITP is a leader in providing innovative IT solutions to the global asset price comparison and ecommerce industry. AxisITP has helped numerous businesses find their competitive edge and streamline their operations. Our end-to-end product solutions have been powering compare products, prices, ecommerce for more than 1000 partners worldwide. Read More.

AxisITP Price Comparison Script

AxisITP Price Comparison Script

AxisITP Price Comparison Script is most popular and up to date script in the price comparison industry. The axisitp is the first company in price comparison industry who launched the admin, merchants, affilaite,user panels and front-end when the script was launched (all in one at once). The script stood great ever in the price comaprison industry. AxisITP price comparison script can be used either you want to use it as a price comaprison website or price comaprison affiliate, merchants engine system. AxisITP price comparison script is very user friendly with great CMS interface in backend side and a common person can use it, even if he/she knows how to use MS. Word!


AxisITP ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace Script

AxisITP ClickBank Affiliate Script

AxisITP Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace Script is a nice script for affiliate marketing it allows you to generate products, categories and hoplinks automatically in few clicks! Very easy to use with great CMS system in back-end side. Easy to use like 1,2 and 3.


AxisITP Admin Panel

The AxisITP Price Comparison Script's Admin panel allow you to add unlimited products, categories, merchants and so many other things. The admin panel allow you to manage your products, categories, user, affiliate partners, merchants, prices, reviews, brands, datafeeds, newslatters, website spider, shopping carts, contents, payments and much more.


AxisITP Price Comparison Script Admin Panel

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